Kornelia Rassmann

Support for profit and non-profit organizations in change and impact management.

Since 2008: Freelance consultant commissioned by charitable and commercial organizations, institutions, networks, and donor agencies.

2012-2015: Consultant supporting change processes in a German IT company – process optimization, knowledge mangement, communication culture.

2006-2011: ‘Global Program Officer’ for BioNET International, a science network active on four continents in agriculture and food security.

2003-2008: Founding partner rf-projektagentur.

2000-2003: ‘Head of Business Development’ in a human/food diagnostics company in Germany.

1994-1999: Research Assistant at universities in Great Britain and Germany.

1991-1993: Ph.D. in biology on the molecular evolution of the Galápagos iguanas.

I am a multi-disciplinary professional with over 20 years of international work experience in the academic, profit and not-for-profit sectors.

In the development field I am inspired by participatory and use-oriented approaches such as Outcome Mapping and Outcome Harvesting aiming to design, monitor and evaluate complex programs, projects and processes in ways that are best suited to the organization, task and situation at hand.

In the business context I like to draw from knowledge management and Agile principles to support learning, cultural, organizational and personal change.

With my academic background, I am strong in analytical and strategic thinking and like structured and effective approaches. Above all I am determined to engage in a people-centered, respectful and participatory way with my clients, informants and teams.



Outsourcing of management capacity is not only about savings but also stimulates creativity and innovation. My passion is to establish a close, trustful, and results-oriented relationship with my clients to deeply understand their needs, clarify the specific goals, identify the key issues and thus be able to find suitable approaches and provide the best solutions possible. As a reliable, creative and enthusiastic partner my colleagues and I can assist you on your journey offering a broad range of services.

When the wind of change is blowing,
some build walls and others
sailing boats.”
Chinese proverb (adapted)


Change and Knowledge Management, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

  • Project and program design and planning
  • Improvement of reporting and monitoring systems
  • Monitoring of social and culture change processes in the profit and non-profit world
  • Outcomes evaluation of projects and programmes in complex contexts
  • Optimization of knowledge generation, capture and sharing processes
  • Participatory development of guiding principles and vision statements

Communication, Outreach, Fundraising, Research, PR

  • Market and stakeholder research
  • Business plan and proposal development
  • Development of communication strategies and plans
  • Supporting the fostering of networks and communities of practice
  • Planning and realisation of PR and image campaigns
  • Authoring of presentations, newsletters, websites, brochures, etc.

Facilitation, Training, Coaching, Mentoring

  • Organisation and facilitation of workshops, expert panels, and conferences
  • Training, e.g. in Outcome Mapping and Outcome Harvesting
  • Leadership workshops and individual mentoring






Outcome Mapping and Outcome Harvesting

My special interest are qualitative approaches to program and project design, monitoring or evaluation that aim to integrate systems aspects (i.e. look at the big picture). This includes the Outcome Mapping approach, developed by the Canadian ‘International Development Research Centre’ (IDRC), which is particularly useful in complex programming contexts where relations of cause and effect are not fully understood. Building on Outcome Mapping principles, Outcome Harvesting is a further utilization-focused and very participatory methodology, which is powerful in unpacking results, even in programs that were not designed and implemented following a sufficiently specific results framework.

Case Study: BioNET Outcome Harvesting Evaluation