Partners, Networks, Communities of Practice

A cornerstone of my services is to leverage the skills and resources of highly professional consultants and agencies with long-standing reputation. I greatly enjoy networking and often collaborate internationally and multi-disciplinary. My strong believe is that joining efforts makes it possible to better reach shared goals and visions.

Below you will find a selection of  people  who I have worked with on past assignments and who greatly inspired my thinking – Thank you! Listed are also some of the  communities of practice  and networks I participate in and value as rich resources.

Should you like to connect to me or my partners – to exchange ideas, request our services or simply to join our network – please do not hesitate to  get in contact.


Richard Smith
Director ‘Proforest’ and Independent Consultant

Richard is a senior manager in the not-for-profit environment / food security sector with special interest in partnership networks, programme design and evaluation. Konny was hired by Richard when he was Director at BioNET International, an advocacy network for biodiversity conservation and food security. They also worked together as consultants on various learning, research or evaluation assignments.

Tonya Schuetz
Independent Consultant

Tonya is a multi-disciplinary professional experienced in change and innovation management, monitoring and evaluation, knowledge management, personnel and capacity development. Tonya and Konny met first in 2011 during a research study on Outcome Mapping use and adaptations. Recently they worked together on an outcomes evaluation for the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS).

John Mauremootoo
Independent Consultant, InSpiral Pathways

John has extensive experience in project management, project planning, monitoring and evaluation, training & facilitation, and communication. John and Konny worked together on various occasions, e.g. on assignments for BioNET International and for the evaluation of the international human rights / health network ‚Child Protection in Crisis‘ (CPC).

Pamela Branch
Founder ‘Project Services International’

Pamela offers her extensive experience in business development to clients from the public and private sectors, development agencies, international financial institutions and non-profit organizations from around the world. She has collaborated with Konny on an assignment evaluating a citizen agency initiative in East Africa (‘Twaweza’).

Terry Smutylo
Independent Consultant

Terry Smutylo is a senior evaluation specialist with over 30 years of experience. He has created the Evaluation Unit of the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Canada, in 1992, serving as its Director until 2005, and has contributed significantly to the development of the Outcome Mapping approach. Konny has met Terry when attending the Outcome Mapping workshop he and Simon Hearn led in 2010 and has worked on an evaluation assignment with him in East Africa.

Ricardo Wilson-Grau
President Ricardo Wilson-Grau Consultoria em Gestão Empresarial Ltda

Ricardo is an independent evaluator and organisational development consultant supporting social change organisations, in particular networks, and private donor programmes. Together with colleagues he created and further developed the Outcome Harvesting methodology since 2004. Konny has supported him as internal liaison person during the evaluation of the BioNET International Global Programme and co-authored a paper with Ricardo for BetterEvaluation.

Katrin Nesemann
Partner at witten.group

Katrin specializes in supporting clients to identify clear objectives and positions, design realistic strategies, and develop individual, team and organizational competence. Katrin sub-contracted Konny to assist in an assignment for the ‘Collaborative African Budget Reform Initiative’ (CABRI) developing a communications strategy and plan.

Trevor Stewart
Partner Cooperative Change Group and Werte-Partner

Trevor worked in over thirty countries on all five continents, delivering workshops on a variety of topics including process improvement, team development, change management and leadership. Trevor and Konny met when facilitating ‘Werte-Partner’ leadership workshops in 2012.

Outcome Mapping Learning Community (OMLC)

Formed in 2005, the Outcome Mapping Learning Community is a global network  of  over  4000  individuals from across the world. Members are dedicated to collective learning and sharing of knowledge around Outcome Mapping. The community is steadily growing and is supported by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and managed by the Overseas Development Institute in London.

Outcome Harvesting Network

This recently established website and forum offers Outcome Harvesting practitioners and those interested in obtaining an overview on the methodology a platform for learning. Ricardo Wilson-Grau developed the website in 2016 and sponsors it to facilitate the exchange about and use of the approach.


An international collaboration to improve the practice and theory of evaluation by curating and co-creating information on choosing and using evaluation methods and processes. The website provides information about more than 300 different evaluation options, with advice on when to choose them and how to use them well, with links to detailed guidance, examples and courses. Members share their experiences and recommended resources through a newsletter, blogs, face to face and virtual events.